Welcome to CVE Assist

We are a leading assistance company,
based in São Paulo Brazil,
providing emergency care,
medical assistance, claims handling and
cost containment in South America.


Exploring South America is a great adventure but when misfortune strikes, a tropical disease, an accident in the Andes demanding air lift to a reliable provider, the immediate need to see a specialist, etc, things can quickly escalate to a logistical and financial nightmare.

With more than 20 years of experience, we know every corner of our area, what can go wrong and how to find the solutions to handle the situation. 24 hours a day, year around.

Whatever the situation, we have your policy holders covered with an extensive provider network that caters to all specific needs.


24/7 Emergency Assistance

When you need qualified help after office hours, it´s reassuring to know that we have contracted providers that accept our payment guarantee around the clock.

Medical assistance – coordination of in-/outpatient cases
House calls
Tele medicine
Medical evacuations by Air & Ground transport
Dental Services

Claims management

Claims handling grounded in extensive knowledge of local conditions.
Payment processing including cost control (link para Cost Control) by experienced auditors.
Cashless solutions

Medicine delivery

Delivery of prescribe medicine to any location in Brazil

Travel services

Hotel reservations and transport services


We have uncovered a scheme of sophisticated falsification of hospital invoices, medical reports, credit card receipts, etc, undersigned by the real names of staff members of the hospital in question. If you have doubts of the veracity of an invoice, let us make a check.

Funeral services

Legal Assistance

Medical Assistance 24h


Travel Services

House Calls

Medicine Delivery

Legal Assistance


Funeral Services

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CVE Assist has established a network of service suppliers all over the continent. We offer cashless solutions to a wide net of medical providers, including hospitals, clinics, specialists, dentists, laboratories, ground and air transport, funeral services, among others.

Our hospital network includes providers that range from highest international standards to more economical solutions without compromising quality and safety.

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The costs for an admission at a private hospital for an international patient can quickly become astronomical. Private health care is very expensive under any circumstance and especially if requested privately without price agreements. CVE has cost containment measures every step of the way, including steerage to reliable suppliers with pre-negotiated price agreements. Every major bill is audited by professional auditors. A thorough audit can save up to 20% of a hospital bill and a medical team.



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